NBC Leads Early Debate Stats; Big Viewer Turnout Indicated – Update deadline.com via

& are back on the campaign trail after going head-to-head last night -- the latest from on

Night of the Terrible Trump by Gail Collins, via candybank.com nyti.ms

2016 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton - Polls - HuffPost Pollster fb.me

I will release my tax returns if releases her 33, 000 emails that were deleted

Most snap polls show Trump winning th debate by a landslide ( except CNN & NBC which endorsed Hilary ) dailym.ai via

Hillary Clinton is Running Against Far More Than Donald Trump johnpavlovitz.com via

RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - General Election: Trump vs. Clinton. Result of several pre-debate polls. realclearpolitics.com

NBC Tops Broadcast Ratings During First Clinton-Trump Debate http://bloom.bg/2cSVL4t" class="twitter-timeline-link u-hidden" target="_blank" title=" http://bloom.bg/2cSVL4t" > bloom.bg


Melts Down And Throws A Tantrum Over “Unfair” Debate Questions via politicususa.com

People Are Pissed at DJ Envy for Defending Stop-and-Frisk http://fb.me/ReH8BMBD" class="twitter-timeline-link u-hidden" target="_blank" title=" http://fb.me/ReH8BMBD" > fb.me

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Rosie O’Donnell blasts ‘orange anus’ Donald Trump after his attack on her during debate fb.me

Jose Fernandez was at bar hours before fatal boat crash http://nydn.us/2dhjAXn" class="twitter-timeline-link u-hidden" target="_blank" title=" http://nydn.us/2dhjAXn" > nydn.us

No surprise that an NBC journalist would be in the tank for Hillary. Lester has been outed as Hill Shill.

Taiwanese animators tackle the Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump debate showdown bustedcoverage.com

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The debate. http://fb.me/2EPsAwl9f" class="twitter-timeline-link u-hidden" target="_blank" title=" http://fb.me/2EPsAwl9f" > fb.me

If anyone missed the Debate last night. Your welcome. usatoday.com

So does Pollster: 298 polls from 39 pollsters = elections.huffingtonpost.com

Trump Insists Unconstitutional Stop And Frisk Is The Answer gothamist.com

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FactChecking the First Debate a.msn. you have blamed Hillary Clinton for 23 years stop your lies trump and Hillary are different

There is a new debate today following last nights presidential debate as to who won. I have the answer. Both lost, including